Alan Morris

Alan Morris, UTS

Alan Morris is a professor of Sociology in the Institute for Public Policy and Governance at the University of Technology Sydney. His  research interests include the impact of housing tenure, gentrification and displacement and urban marginality. His most recent book is The Private Rental Sector in Australia: Living with Uncertainty (2021, co-authored with Hal Pawson and Kath Hulse). In 2019 his book Gentrification and Displacement: The Forced Relation of Public Housing Tenants in Inner-Sydney, was published by Springer. His book on the impact of housing tenure on older Australians, The Australian Dream: Housing Experiences of Older Australians (CSIRO Publishing) was published in 2016. 

Lynda Cheshire, UQ

Lynda Cheshire is Professor of Sociology and Head of School in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Queensland. Her research focuses on the lived experience of housing, neighbourhood and community and the way these experiences are shaped by broader social and urban dynamics, such as increased mobility, inequality, disadvantage and urban change. Her recent publications focus on unneighbourly conduct and the un-making of home (Housing Theory and Society, 2020); the supportive turn in social housing governance (British Journal of Sociology, 2019); under-occupancy as policy problem and lived experience among older social housing tenants (Journal of Ageing and Social Policy, 2019); and the way gentrification and densification influence the prevalence of problems between neighbours (Urban Studies, 2018).  

Hal Pawson

Hal Pawson, UNSW

Hal Pawson is Professor of Housing Research and Policy at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. He retains an Honorary Professor position at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh where he was based until 2011. He is also a Managing Editor of the international journal, Housing Studies. His latest co-authored book ‘Housing Policy in Australia: A case for system reform’ was published in 2020.

Catherine Robinson

Catherine Robinson, Anglicare Tasmania

Catherine is sociologist with a broad interest in the relationship between vulnerability, justice and place. She is a past editor of Emotion, Space and Society and has a long-held commitment to qualitative research and advocacy in the areas of homelessness, complex trauma and social care.  Catherine is currently working in the community sector in the Social Action and Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania where her research has focused on understanding the experiences and support system needs of Tasmanian children and young people who experience high vulnerability, including unaccompanied homelessness. Catherine is also known for her work with Blackfella Films as Series Consultant and Co-Host of the SBS documentary Filthy Rich and Homeless.  Most recently she has been appointed to the Board of Directors, Homelessness Australia and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences, UTAS.

Emma Mitchell

Emma Mitchell, UTS

Emma is a sociologist specialising in qualitative research on social security and housing. She is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on a Macquarie University Enterprise Partnership Scheme project examining faith-based community development is multicultural high-rise apartments. She is also a Research Officer in the Institute for Public Policy and Governance at UTS, working on the ARC Linkage Project on waithood and an ARC Discovery Project on international student housing precarity.

Cameron Parsell

Cameron Parsell, UQ

Cameron’s primary area of research is poverty, homelessness, social services, and charity aimed at addressing social disadvantage. He is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, and Director of Research in the School of Social Science at The University of Queensland.

Cameron is currently examining the contemporary Australian welfare state and the role of charity and faith based organisations. Cameron’s research seeks to build an evidence base about the interacting societal, social policy, social program, and agency dimensions to human change.

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke, UQ

Andrew Clarke is a sociologist who researches urban and poverty governance. His expertise is in societal responses to homelessness, housing insecurity, and other forms of housing based disadvantage. Andrew is currently a Research Fellow with the school of Social Science at UQ. In addition to the Waithood study, Andrew is currently working with Cameron Parsell on a large national study investigating of the role of charity in responding to poverty in the context of changing welfare policy, and has a forthcoming book on this topic, Charitable Society, due out in late 2021. 

David Lilley

David Lilley, UNSW

David is currently conducting PhD research on the prioritisation of health, wellbeing, and equity in urban planning and renewal in Sydney. He has previously worked for the NSW Department of Housing and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, with roles spanning community development, social planning, policy development and analysis, research, and project management. He has also worked as a social planning consultant, the Deputy Director of the Health Equity Research and Development Unit in Sydney Local Health District, and was the founding Director of a collective impact project in Western Sydney known as The Hive Mt Druitt. 

Heidi Hoffmann

Heidi Hoffmann, UQ

Heidi is a mixed method researcher, currently undertaking a PhD in Sociology at the Institute for Social Science Research. Her PhD is examining the influences of social systems and relationships on self-harm and suicidality among young Australians. She has previously researched social support systems of young mothers, with a publication in the Journal of Sociology