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States’ social housing boom no substitute for Federal funding commitment

By Hal Pawson. This story first appeared in the Fifth Estate – read the original story here. As tens of thousands prepare to take a financial hit with the end of COVID-related disaster payments, our new research shows that renters on low and modest incomes are already in the grip of a housing pincer, especially in regional Australia. InflamedContinue reading “States’ social housing boom no substitute for Federal funding commitment”

“Invisible, Forgotten”: Sean Lee became homeless after waiting for 17 years of public housing | Newcastle Herald

The full article from the Newcastle Herald can be found here. The man who has been waiting for 17 years For public housing He recently made him homeless and said he felt “invisible and forgotten” by the waiting process sleeping in the car. Sean Lee was put on the waiting list for housing when he was workingContinue reading ““Invisible, Forgotten”: Sean Lee became homeless after waiting for 17 years of public housing | Newcastle Herald”

Housing, Financial Stress, and Electoral Geography

Housing, Financial Stress, and Electoral Geography: A Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Housing-Associated Financial Stress in Australia by William Thackway and Bill Randolph in partnership with Digital Finance Analytics This short report analyses a range of housing-associated financial stress measures as these relate to Federal electoral constituency geography. The data have been provided byContinue reading “Housing, Financial Stress, and Electoral Geography”

One bed and a ‘shower-kitchen’: Housing a hurdle for families in Sydney’s west

Sydney COVID: Western Sydney housing a hurdle for city’s families ( An article from the Sydney Morning Herald on August 20th, 2021 describing the conditions of crowded and unsuitable housing through the story of a mother and daughter who have been waiting six years for public housing. You can read the full article, here.

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