“Invisible, Forgotten”: Sean Lee became homeless after waiting for 17 years of public housing | Newcastle Herald

The full article from the Newcastle Herald can be found here.

The man who has been waiting for 17 years For public housing He recently made him homeless and said he felt “invisible and forgotten” by the waiting process sleeping in the car.

Sean Lee was put on the waiting list for housing when he was working as a trainee nurse in 2004, earning less than $ 300 a week.

He said he was told he was looking at a three to five year wait. However, Lee is still waiting for the Lake Macquarie home to become available.

He is currently traveling between emergency accommodation and his car and was awarded by paying compensation.

Lee’s plight on his house was hampered in 2009 when he suffered a major spinal cord injury in an elevator accident. Since then, he said he needed a one-story house at the direction of his doctor.

He was offered units several floors high, but said he did not accept them due to injury. It made him unable to live on work and pensions.

Until a few weeks ago, Lee lived with his mother. The mother had to move after receiving a notice of the end of the rental. She said she’s currently staying at AirBNB, which isn’t single-level.

According to the Regional Department of Justice, Mr Lee’s selection of residential land, known as the Allocation Zone, has been changed 14 times. They said this affected his wait, but he didn’t put him at the bottom of the list every time.

“Community and the Department of Justice will provide qualified applicants with social housing as soon as possible and prioritize those in need, including those who are homeless, flee from domestic violence, or have serious and ongoing medical conditions. “The spokesman said.

“Anyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness can be contacted Link2home To 1800 152 152. “

However, Lee claims that he changed the allocation zone only a few times, and once he switched from Lake Macquarie to Port Macquarie, he didn’t request it.

Since moving from his mother last month, he has spent more than two weeks in emergency accommodation. However, the government’s emergency hotel program is temporary and Mr Lee has no guarantee of the time he will have to wait home.

“It feels like no one cares, I feel invisible and forgotten,” he said.

“The biggest thing I’m struggling with is very helpless. It feels like there’s a tunnel, but it doesn’t look like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just black.”

He admitted that the wait wasn’t the fault of the housing staff, but sometimes he became frustrated and swore to them about the situation.

“I don’t care what kind of house you live in, because people like me bend backwards, empty bank accounts, and cut off their arms and legs to ensure such security. I told the housing staff to look around, “he said.

The full article from the Newcastle Herald can be found here.

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